Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder - Full Kit Bundle

itty bitty Double Flex Extruder - Kit
Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder V2.1 - Full Kit. This is the full kit with everything you need to build this tremendous dual extruder which can handle any filament, especially flexible filaments. See description below.


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The filament colours that the (coloured) parts will be printed with.

Specify desired printing colours in the box below. Note: All parts do not have to be the same colour.

NOTE : HXT900 Bed Levelling Kit NOT included in this kit. This is because you may already have a aluminium bed with a inductive sensor for bed leveling. If you have a glass bed you will need to buy the servo Z probe bed leveling kit from the related products below.

The original files of the itty bitty by Clough42 can be found on thingiverse.

Assembly :

Link to assembly instructions from Clough42. 

Note that this hardware kit is a updated version of that found on Clough42's website. The following changes have been made for your convenience so that tapping holes is not required as indicated in the first section of the assembly instructions.

Idler blocks : Four M3x12 flat socket head screws for anchor points for the extension springs replaced with 4 X Galvanized - #4 - 2.9mm x 9.5mm Self Tapping Screws.

- Idler Pins : 4 X Galvanized - #2 - 2.2mm x 10mm Self Tapping Screws

- E3Dv6 fan shroud : 2 X M3x6 button head cap screws replaced with 2 X Galvanized - #4 - 2.9mm x 6.5mm Self Tapping Screws

Firmware setup:

Marlin Firmware Setup


Double Extruder Calibration