Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder - Printed Parts Bundle

Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder - Printed Parts
Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder V2.1 - Printed Parts. Printed parts available for E3d V6 or hexagon hotends. Bear in mind all other kits available for the Itty Bitty Dual Flex Extruder on this site are only compatible with the E3d V6 hotends. See full description for parts inculded in this kit.


Delivery date: 3-5 business days before shipment


This attribute determines which set of printed parts should be printed for which hotend used.


The filament colours that the (coloured) parts will be printed with.

Specify desired printing colours in the box below. Note: All parts do not have to be the same colour.

Contains: All parts are printed in ABS unless otherwise noted.

               * Adjustable 3VX Carriage Plate - Black

               * Double Flex Block-175 E3d Liner - Coloured

               * Double Flex Groove Mount E3d V6 - Coloured

               * Cooling Tower Fan Shroud - E3d V6 - Black

               * Idler Block - Coloured - 2X

               * Idler Pin -15mm - Black - 2X

               * Parametric Pulleys - Coloured - 2X

               * Part Cooling Double Fan Shroud - E3d V6 - Coloured

               * Servo Shelf Bracket -L- HXT900 - Coloured

               * Servo Shelf Bracket -R- NoHole - Coloured

               * Spacer 1mm - Black - 2X

               * Spacer 2mm - Black - 2X

               * X Carriage Shelf - E3d V6 - Black


If you have any preferences above for what is available when you add to your cart, please specify your needs in the product info text box and we will be in contact with you.

The original stl files and project build files by CLOUGH42  are available on thingiverse:


Please bear in mind that this is not moulded parts and are printed on a 3D printer and therefore would not be smooth and glossy like moulded parts would be. There might be some imperfections here and there due to the printing process. We do our best to give you a pleasurable sight when you open the package.