HC-06 Bluetooth module - You want to go wireless with your 3D printer

First of all you get the HC-06 module here:

HC-06 Bluetooth module

This module is a slave module and is not capable of acting as a master. With this application your computer or cellphone will act as the master. There is some people that claim they have flashed the firmware of this module to be the same as the HC-05 module which can act either as a master or a slave. But we are getting of the point, we only need it to be a slave.

The datasheet for this module is can be downloaded here:

HC-06 datasheet


As you will see in the datasheet, the hc-06 is a 3.3V module and the Arduino signal is 5V, you would therefore need a   2 Channel Logic Level Converter 3.3V to 5V TTL Module to be able to communicate with the RAMPS board. THe supply voltage however is 5V and can be coupled directly to the RAMPS board. Another way to do it is to use a voltage divider as depicted in the following video:

by Charles Werbick - youtube


 If you have a FTDI module that you can connect directly from the computer to the HC-06 to set up the HC-06 to run on a 11500 bitrate to get faster communication from your computer or cellphone you can watch the next video to help you set it up:

by Charles Werbick - youtube


The other way to change or setup the HC-06 is with an Arduino as depicted in the following instructable:




by by in arduino



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