bqLabs Ciclop 3D Scanner - Calibration Pattern Holder Kit

Calibration Pattern Holder Kit
bqLabs Ciclop 3D scanner calibration pattern holder kit - You need this calibration kit to calibrate the camera and lasers for the scanner. The calibration sticker and the plexiglass pattern backing is included in this kit. You can either purchase the plastic pattern holder here on the site or you can print your own pattern holder from thingiverse. Find the link for the part in full description.


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The filament colours that the (coloured) parts will be printed with.

Specify desired printing colours in the box below. Note: All parts do not have to be the same colour.



The files for the printed parts can be seen here:

Ciclop 3D Scanner Calibration Pattern Holder by bqLabs

On my blog I have put a few references together to help with the building, calibration and scanning -