Callibration and setup of the Filament width sensor designed by flipper.


The stl files for the printed parts are available on thingiverse - Unfortunately I had to take the filament width sensor of my site as their is licensing issues with this. I endaviour to design my own or get another design that does not have licensing issues. In the mean time I still have four or five full kits available at 5% discount and a few pc-boards, I am sure flipper would not mind us getting rid of the existing stock. Please email us at if you are interested.


Full Kit

The pc-board and circuit diagram and the stl files can be downloaded from thingiverse and can be viewed and or printed from Eagle CAD. I am using the lite version which is for free. Download a copy from their web-site to be able to manipulate the files. It is a very small board with very fine traces and unless you are a professional in making pc-boards, either get them made or buy them from us.

Here is a video of reflowing your pcb with a skillet. I used basically the same set-up but have made mine Arduino controlled as the cheap skillets does not have very good temperature control, but that is for another blog I am planning to write. The person in the video uses a hot plate but it is the same principle for a skillet.

And last but not least, the filament sensor calibration.


 A short video about the sensor and calibrating the width sensor from the designer - Filip Mulier



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