Calibration, building and enjoying the ciclop scanner.

The ciclop scanner is a neat little scanner that is inexpensive and would do the trick in and around your 3D printer at home. It is not the most sophisticated scanner on the market but with a bit of tweaking and calibration you can get fairly decent scans to print or build on.  Regards building, configuring, scanning and post-processing of the scans, I have put together this blog to supply some references to videos and instructables to make life easier. The videos and instructables are not my own and I give credit below each part to the person who deserves the ovation.

Before venturing into your hideaway and start searching for parts for this nice scanner, have a look at our parts and kits for the scanner here.

Ciclop Scanner


1)Building the ciclop 3D scanner:





        Another building instructable can be seen at the following URL. It is in a sense better than the video because it is a written instructable that covers hardware, software, electronics and drivers.




2)Link to the Zum Scan firmware i.e. Horus


3)Calibration through the Calibration WorkBench:






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