bqLabs Ciclop 3D Scanner - Printed Parts Bundle

Ciclop 3D Scanner Printed Parts 1
bqLabs Ciclop 3D scanner printed parts - The plastic parts you need to finish the project. Not everyone has a 3D printer or you do not have a big enough printer to tackle this job, then you can order the parts from us.


The filament colours that the (coloured) parts will be printed with.

Specify desired printing colours in the box below. Note: All parts do not have to be the same colour.

We can print it in any color or filament type you choose, but we have to do a seperate quotation on that. The best filament to use is ABS because of it's sturdiness and hardness.


The original stl and project files by bq Labs can be found at thingiverse:


Please bear in mind that this is not moulded parts and are printed on a 3D printer and therefore would not be as smooth and glossy like moulded parts would be. There might be some imperfections here and there due to the printing process. We do our best to give you a pleasurable sight when you open the package.