About us


This is the one-stop shop for all your thingi parts that you need to build your dream 3D printer. If we do not have it we can at least try to get it, that is what the wishlist is for. Make yourself at home and enjoy the fun hours of building your 3D projects. You may ask where the name Xanics come from, well, it is a combination of my two sons and my names plus our surname.


First of all because we LOVE what we do. But the love goes with frustration when you find a new model of an extruder you want to print and build, and then comes the hours on the net, looking for the parts and getting the sick feeling when you see what it will cost. We started the business to make it easy for printers and builders alike to get the parts they want in one place at a reasonable price.


We obviously have the normal parts that you need for your printer too. Have a walk through the isles and see the pleasures we stock.


We will handle your package carefully as we know too well the feeling of euphoria when we open a package we waited for with all the goodies that will bring hours of pleasure.