5mW Laser Module Emitter - Red Line

5mW Laser Module Emitter - Red Line
A Small 12mm OD laser that projects a red line on objects - can be used in the Ciclop 3D scanner. See specifications below.


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-Output Power: Min 2.5mW, Typical 3.0mW, Max 5.0mW

-Working current: Min 10mA, Typical 20mA, Max 25mA

-Working voltage: Min 2.3VDC, Typical 4.5VDC, Max 8.0VDC

-Wavelength: 650nm

-Working Temperature: Min -15°C, Typical 25°C, Max 35°C

-Storage Temperature: Min -20°C, Max +25°C

-Focused Dot width: <2mm spotting 3 meters away.

-Outline Dimension:  12mm(Diameter) x 35mm(Length)

-Practical test for point head: reflection visible to random target >1000m 

Cautions: Class III, avoid direct eye exposure to beams.